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Our Comprehensive
Sourcing Service

Leveraging our vast network

Base Foods offers a one-stop solution for sourcing a wide range of wholesale food products from suppliers across Canada and around the world.

Reliability: A cornerstone to your success

Our reliability isn’t just a tagline; it’s a fundamental value embedded in our operations. With a solid industry foundation, our robust supply chain ensures efficient processes from sourcing to delivery. We are committed to comprehensive quality control, ensuring quality products reach our customers.

Direct Relationships

Base Foods has direct relationships with top-tier suppliers globally ensuring quality, accountability, and reliability in every product.

Global Product Range

Our sourcing capabilities empower us to import a wide range of products from around the world.

Stringent Supplier Selection

We conduct assessments on our suppliers to ensure that they have a comprehensive food safety program.

Regulatory Compliance

In the dynamic world of international food trade, adherence to stringent regulatory standards is paramount. At Base Foods, we understand the intricacies of global regulations and prioritize compliance to ensure that our product offering meets local food safety requirements. Here’s how we navigate the complex regulatory landscape:

  • Supplier vetting
  • HACCP and ISO Certification
  • Labeling and packaging compliance
  • Customs documentation expertise
  • Traceability and recall procedures
  • Continuous monitoring and compliance updates

By choosing Base Foods, you partner with a team dedicated to upholding the highest regulatory standards. Our commitment to compliance not only safeguards your business but also ensures that your customers can trust the safety and integrity of the food products you offer. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a reliable partner who prioritizes regulatory adherence at every step of the importing process.