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We offer a diverse range of dried pulses, available in various forms. For example, we offer chickpeas in roasted form, suitable for direct consumption, or they can be cooked and utilized in the creation of products such as hummus. This is merely an introduction; feel free to inquire about our extensive selection of lentils, peas, and beans.



In response to increasing customer demand, we expanded our product offering to include spices, the subsequent category in our portfolio. Spices, being integral to diverse culinary traditions, prompted us to capitalize on our international connections, enabling us to source high-quality spices tailored for the North American market.



Rice stands as a highly versatile commodity with a myriad of applications. While Basmati rice represents the most frequently requested variant, our inventory also encompasses alternative forms such as rice poha (flattened) and mamra (puffed). The latter, in particular, finds application in various South Asian snacks.


Specialty Items

Attuned to the preferences of our clientele, we consistently seek to broaden our product range by actively sourcing new offerings. Among our recent additions are soya chunks, quinoa, and peanuts, responding to evolving consumer preferences and ensuring a diversified selection for our customers.

* We store various allergens in our facility. While we maintain strict handling processes and our machines are cleaned thoroughly between use, unfortunately we cannot provide allergen free disclaimers on products packaged in house. As such, we include the following disclaimer on all our labels:

May contain soy, wheat, sesame, sulphites, mustard, peanuts and tree nuts.