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Our Comprehensive
Distribution Service

At Base Foods, we take pride in delivering more than just food products; we provide seamless distribution services from our warehouse to our customers. Our comprehensive logistics solutions are designed to provide the flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Logistics Coordination

Our team is dedicated to coordinating every aspect of the logistics chain. This includes inspection, loading, transportation, documentation, and customs clearance. We aim to simplify these processes to ensure a hassle-free experience for our clients.

Freight Operators

Our extensive network of reliable freight operators is integral to our distribution services. These partners play a vital role in delivering your orders cost-effectively.

Our Own Fleet

Owning and operating our own trucks is an added value. They allow us to offer more customized solutions, especially for time-sensitive deliveries.

Customer Pickup Option

For added convenience, we offer the option for customers to pick up their orders directly from our facility. Our team will prepare the order and assist with loading, providing a flexible option for our customers.

Our Distribution Process

Order Placement: Place your orders effortlessly through our sales team by phone or email. Our salespeople are here to facilitate a straightforward and efficient process tailored to your specific requirements.

Fulfillment: Our warehouse team takes charge of order preparation, focusing on proper handling and storage, while ensuring the quality preservation of your order.

Loading: From initial inspection to thorough documentation, our team coordinates every step of the loading process, securing your orders for a safe and reliable journey to the destination.

Delivery: Whether it’s through our extensive network of reliable freight operators or our dedicated fleet, our commitment remains the same — prioritizing timely and secure delivery.