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Bringing Our Customers in North America & Canada The Most Authentic Taste Since 2011

Base Foods was established in 2011 as BASE International and later evolved into BASE Foods. Our founders have an extensive international trade background. We initially focused on Canadian agricultural products but our mission was to cultivate lasting partnerships, consistently adding value to our customers’ operations and bringing them the best staple products and spices from all parts of the world.

Our Warehouse 

We operate from our Toronto hub and import a wide range of products from a global network of suppliers, fostering a diverse and authentic range. Our warehouse surpasses the traditional concept of storage as it is a strategic asset pivotal to our operations. We continuously invest in cutting-edge processes and ensure meticulous product handling to maintain optimal preservation conditions. This unwavering commitment extends beyond logistics; it guarantees the freshness and authenticity of every product we deliver, solidifying BASE Foods as a trusted partner in the industry.

Our strategic sourcing involves cultivating relationships with top-tier suppliers globally, ensuring that our product range reflects the highest quality and authenticity. We meticulously select partners who share our dedication to excellence. This comprehensive approach allows us to curate an unparalleled selection that meets the diverse culinary needs of our customers.

In addition to our commitment to quality, our distribution network is finely tuned for efficiency. We leverage advanced logistics to ensure timely and reliable delivery, providing our customers with the assurance that our premium products will reach them in optimal condition. At BASE Foods, every step of our process is a testament to our dedication to delivering the finest products and service to our valued customers.

Our Toronto-based operations go beyond the traditional boundaries, offering a complete service from meticulous sourcing to precise distribution. We monitor crop progression, government policies, and global trade trends to empower our customers with informed purchasing decisions. Our dedicated team is the driving force behind our growth as we thrive in an environment of innovation and passion, reflected in our enduring customer relationships.

Our Mission

BASE Foods’s mission is to bring to its customers the finest global flavors. Beyond that, we strive to empower local businesses by providing a comprehensive range of services, from sourcing to distribution.